So, don't leave me
Honey, I need you.
♥Wednesday, November 24, 2010 "RETARDED time"
HMMMM .... ouh yea i forget to talk abt the outing on tues 23 november
it was great got to see my friends however some have change behaviour
never to forget the funny part ....
haha ...
even when we were left out by some ppl ...
we four enjoy ourself ...
walk ard when to see handphone as nahvin wanted to see phone ... when from shop to shop
play hide-and-seek i run away from them they runaway from me
it was fun for the retarded XD
for however celebrating christmas dun forget to buy me a present :DD

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♥Sunday, November 7, 2010 ""
HI !!
Long time since i last sing in my blog ...

ouh yea hu noe where or when to find out wat class you go in?
whoever noe do tell me through handphone !!!

Waiting for the day to eat together and play bowling together
and also waiting for the day of 27 december ...
if i am not wrong there 48 or 47 more days
remember buy for me present hahah !!!
i wish for a hello kitty present ;P ;)

Haiz ....
Imiss2N4 badly :'(
i miss the ppl hu make me laugh and make me cry ...
i miss the day we all hangout , fight ,laugh and cry
i miss you all ...!!!

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♥Wednesday, August 25, 2010 "About her ...."
She is so damn fucking CB !!
She think SHE WHICH MINAH ??
I hate her now she blaming me and shah for nt friending her
wth hu is the one in wrong ??
Me and shah ?? no right ??
She dun even understand why we dun even friend her .
now she wan tell us about her problem ?!
her family problem .
i dun even give a fucking cb damn
tat her prob family prob
she tink i will pity her
*puke i feel like vomitting toking abt her
OMG i want to end my friendship wif her i am piss off
she one to countinue being friend i dun even noe tat
watever it is i dun wan go in a friendship wif her

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♥Monday, August 9, 2010 ""

yippiee tmr is school days


i miss punggol secondary

haiz tis picture is made by me wif the help of my bro
as u can see the picture is writen of 2N4
if u all wan me to make for u jus tell me ^^

anyway ...
wat there to tok ??

MY life ??
haiz my life seriusly suck
everyday wat i do comfirm will have wrong
wat should i do

my sickness still have not recover yet
keep on sneezing *ah-chooo*
and again and again
how am i goin to fast ?
tmr is already the fasting month gonna eat as many as i can today ?!

netball ?!
my mum thought i have already quit
yea i wanted to quit bt all the cca i wan join is full ?!
so i decided to go netball secretly without my mum knew it ...
i hope tmr i do not need to play i have no enery to play netball as i am sick n fasting
so i have no energy i feel like sleeping bt i cannot
ltr goin out

hmph if tmr lesson > literature is boring
i gonna SLEEP
k lah gtg
bb see ya in pgss tmr

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♥Sunday, August 8, 2010 ""
Today is singapore birthday !!
i wish a happy 45 th birthday !!!
i wander how the celebration went on ....
bt for my family ....
we nt goin out bt stay home ...
tat so BORING

HMPHH ....
there nothing to do bt watching korean movie at YOUTUBE ...
the title is HI MY SWEETHEART ...
the story so funny
Show lu ... became a neardy guy
as for rainie yang she a normal girl but a gangster n lonely girl ...
the story is funny n sad ....

if u wan to find out more go n watch ur self haha


Wat should i said ??
I dun een know wat to tok about
Nbdy toking to me ...
am i toking to my self
gtg ...
anything leave me a post or msg ...

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♥ ""
haiz wat cn i say ??
SICK !!!
i m sick cause i miss hym
i dunnoe why ?
my nose is being block i cannot breath properly ....
if i were to die ppl hu noe hu i like ....
tell hym tat i m gone n i always remembe hym:'(

nw i m bored everyone went to bed except for me ?!

6 AUG was my memorable day !!!
Went shopping ?? take neo-print ??
i miss tat day sia
hilary,hanyi,micah and jia hui can we do tis again??
i miss you all haha
btw hanyi tat time play basketball at the arcade i win u :P

tis coming tuesday goin out wip Shahyrah n her gang to the PRP maybe haha
ERA if u were to read tis plz follow i seriusly miss u haha
wandering how it go ..."?
are we gonna be chase by the old fishermen ?/
i cnt even forget tat it the funniest n scaries day ever
haiz ....

WEDNESDAY is fasting month
i cnt eat my favourite food ?!
i cnt even drink my favourite water
NO !!!
hhahahaz k gtg gd mmoorrnninngg n it my turn to sleep bye

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♥Wednesday, August 4, 2010 ""
bb peep maybe i goin delete my blog haha
TC now is ict gtg

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